My name is Ilya and I’m a professional Java and Scala developer and also purely functional Scala and Haskell enthusiast.

I’ve graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University in 2013 with a Specialist Degree (5 years) in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.

Сurrently I’m working at Revolut as a Backend Engineer.

I also have an experience with the .NET platform as a QA automation engineer, specifically, developing test automation framework and couple of libraries.

I’m passionate about the open-source and contribute to lots of open-source projects, you can see my activity in my GitHub profile. Here are some of my open-source projects:

  1. WAIL (see it on Google Play) - Last.FM Scrobbler for Android. This project was started by @artem-zinnatullin, but I’m supporting it and developing new features since July’2014.
  2. TestStack.White - test automation framework for .NET platform. I was actively contributing to this project for about a half a year and submitted 14 pull-requests.
  3. WhiteSharp - my own test automation framework based on TestStack.White which makes test automation even more easy. I developed it for my previous job, so it’s not widely used, but still works.
  4. Shouldly - assertion framework which focuses on giving great error messages when the assertion fails while being simple and terse. I was actively contributing to this project for about a half a year and submitted 9 pull-requests.
  5. Allure-csharp-commons - C# implementation of Allure core classes such as event definitions, lifecycle entry point, exceptions. My own project.
  6. Allure-nunit - Allure adapter for NUnit framework. My own project.