WAIL v0.7.3 Release -

Almost exactly half a year have passed since the latest WAIL release (0.7.2), and I finally found the time to prepare the next one

Even though this is a minor release, it contains a relatively major change - browser based (or “desktop”, as LastFM API reference calls it) authentication. It allows WAIL to get session key for user without requiring him to type his username/password directly inside the app. This is obviously a great feature, because many people do not trust third-party applications. So this pull request is one of those, which I am proud of.

It's Scala Time! -

I’ve been very busy at work lately, because I was transfered to new project and there is a lot of stuff to learn. But now things settled down a bit so I’m back and ready to continue my open-source activities.

Shortest Coursera Course Ever -

I’ve just finished Web Applications Architectures course by Greg Heileman, University of New Mexico. It took only 2 evenings (~ 10 hours) to complete this course with the 100% grade. Grades are, of course, not yet avaliable, but I’ve got 100% in every assignment and quiz, so it’s not hard to do the math.

I'm a Certified Java Professional! -

Earlier today I’ve passed Oracle Certified Java 6 Professional (OCJP, 1Z0-851) exam with the 100% score.

Algorithms Part One -

I’ve just finished amazing course Algorithms Part 1 by Robert Sedgewick from Princeton University on Coursera. This course finally me quite full understanding of basic algorithms, data structures and analysis of algorithms.

I can proudly say that I’ve reached highest score in every programming assignment. But I did not do so great in exercises.

Running a Spring Boot application on JBoss 7.1.1 -

One of the projects which I was developing used the Spring Boot for configuration, assembling, testing and property managing. Everything was pretty great, we were completely satisfied with Spring Boot and our application ran without any problems on Tomcat 7. But when this project was coming to the end, it turned out that we will have JBoss instead of Tomcat in production. It should not have caused any troubles for us, but we ended up spending lots of time on this migration. And here is one of the reasons why this happened.

Introducing Allure in C# project -

About a year ago I worked as a QA automation engineer and, of course, had to deal with lots of test reports. In our company we had both unit- and UI-tests and used MS Test + Team Foundation Server + Microsoft Test Manager 2012 to run our automated tests, collect and view all the reports. But this solution had too many disadvantages for me:

Hello World! -

I’ve just started this blog today and this post is mostly a test of Disqus comments engine.