Algorithms Part One

Posted on March 4, 2015

I’ve just finished amazing course Algorithms Part 1 by Robert Sedgewick from Princeton University on Coursera. This course finally me quite full understanding of basic algorithms, data structures and analysis of algorithms.

I can proudly say that I’ve reached highest score in every programming assignment. But I did not do so great in exercises.

Here are my final grades:

Programming Assignments
Programming Assignment 1: Percolation 100/100
Programming Assignment 2: Randomized Queues and Deques 100/100
Programming Assignment 3: Collinear Points 100/100
Programming Assignment 4: 8 Puzzle 100/100
Programming Assignment 5: Kd-Trees 100/100
Union Find 2/3
Analysis of Algorithms 3/3
Stacks and Queues 2/3
Elementary Sorts 1.8/3
Mergesort 2.67/3
Quicksort 1.60/3
Priority Queues 1.80/3
Binary Search Trees 1.40/3
Balanced Search Trees 1.60/3
Geometric Searching Applications of BSTs 0.0/3
Hash Tables 2.60/3
——————————————————– ————-
Final Exam 7.1/10

Of course, I will not share any of my solutions in any form other than personal e-mail.

I will definitely join second part of this course.

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